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Today at the gym (for the first part anyway) was like ladies take over the weight room and I loved it! Okay, to be fair it was where the kettle bells and stuff are, BUT IT STILL COUNTS. Then mad guys came in and I was running short on time and my back started hurting so I had to cut my workout short, BUT I still went and made the effort and my trainer high fived me and it was good. I also got some protein powder and some new vitamins to try.

Anyway, I am beat and my back is still sore (not hurt, I think I just used the muscle wrong and made it mad) and my body needs some rest asap. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow or not. All depends on how I feel when I wake up… If I do go I think it will just be some treadmill and foam rolling.

<3 Ariel